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Current Course(s):
CHEM 105: Culinary Chemistry Lecture and Laboratory
CHEM 326: Biochemistry 1 Lecture
CHEM 326: Biochemistry 1 Laboratory

For current syllabi and office hours see here.

Culinary Chemistry Cookbook

Final projects from CHEM 105 Culinary Chemistry:

There Are Molecules in My Food: Recipes from Culinary Chemistry Fall 2022

Other courses taught:

CHEM 101: Chemistry! Better Things for Better Living

CHEM 103: General, Organic, and Biochemistry 1 Lecture and Laboratory

CHEM 105: Culinary Chemistry Lecture and Laboratory

CHEM 326: Biochemistry, Lecture and Laboratory

CHEM 327: Biochemistry 2, Lecture and Laboratory

CHEM 328: Analytical Biochemistry Laboratory

CHEM 498: Undergraduate Research

BIOL 498: Undergraduate Research

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