Lab Alumni

Former Millersville University Research Assistants: 

Alyssa Coutts, Chemistry

Research Assistant

Natalie Barco, Chemistry '20

Research Assistant

Robert Fisher, Biology '20 

Research Assistant

Current: Eurofins, Lancaster, PA

Maitri Patel, Chemistry '20

Research Assistant

Thomas Przywara, Chemistry '20

Research Assistant

Current: Graduate Student in Chemistry at Stoney Brook University 

Former College of Wooster Research Assistants: 

Derek Schwarz, BCMB '18

Thesis: "Help! Help! I am Being Repressed!: An In-Depth Analysis of the IclR and its In-Vitro Oligimerization

Trang Trinh, BCMB '18 

Thesis: "Phenotypic Analysis of a Novel LncRNA (Na2) Expression on Arabidopsis thaliana Salinity Stress Response"

Current: MS Candidate in HR Management at New York University

Justin Warner, NEUR '18

Research Assistant in Molecular Biology

Current: Princeton Theological Seminary

Peter Arts, BCMB '17

Thesis: "Real-Time PCR Analysis of a Salt Stress Responsive LncRNA in Arabidopsis under Salt Stress Conditions"

Current: Graduate Student in Environmental Engineering at University of Michigan

Allyson Caselberry,  BCMB '17

Thesis: "Determining the effects of polyadenylation on long noncoding RNA expression and stability in response to stress"

Current: College of Dentistry, University of Illinois at Chicago

Mara Kingscott, BCMB '17

Thesis: "The Effect of a His Tag in Ic1R Interactions with DNA and Ligands in Escherichia coli"

Kelsey Coyne, BIOL '17

Thesis: ​"Circadian Rhythm Gating of Salinity Stress-Induced Transcription Factor Expression in Solanum Lycopersicum, and Implication in Sustainable Agriculture"

Current: Lab Manager, Hill Lab, Dartmouth University

Tsun Ki Jerrick To, BCMB '17

Research Assistant in plant biology and molecular genetics

Current: Graduate Research Assistant, Pharmacology, Haldar Lab, University of Pennsylvania, 

Michael Andes, BCMB '16

Thesis: "Differential Expression of a Novel 1ncRNA (Na2) Aids in Arabidopsis thaliana Survival Under High Salinity Stess"

Current: Dentist (DDS '20, The College of Dentistry, The Ohio State University)

Ellyn Evans, BCMB '16

Thesis: "Characterization of Long Non-Coding RNA Expression During Low Temperature Stress in Arabidopsis thaliana: Exploring the Implications of Targeting 1ncRNA for Improved Plant Growth"

Current: Graduate Research Assistant, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Case Western Reserve University

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