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Lab Alumni

Former Millersville University Research Assistants: 

Natalie Barco, Chemistry '20

Research Assistant

George Bershstein, Chemistry '23

Research Assistant

Melisa Cejudo Montes de Oca, Chemistry '21

Research Assistant

Alyssa Coutts, Chemistry

Research Assistant

Betel Erkalo, Chemistry '23

Research Assistant

ThesisMonitoring Transcription Factor IclR-Effector Binding by Intrinsic Fluorescence

Current: Graduate Student in Chemistry at Yale University

Madelyn Guinane, Chemistry '21

Research Assistant

Current: Eurofins, Lancaster, PA

Robert Fisher, Biology '20 

Research Assistant

Current: Engineering Coordinator, Insight Global

Jesus Gonzalez-Torres, Chemistry '23

Research Assistant

Current: MRG Labs, York, PA

Connor Healey, Biology '21

Research Assistant

Taylor Hoefner, Chemistry '20

Research Assistant

Maitri Patel, Chemistry '20

Research Assistant

Thomas Przywara, Chemistry '20

Research Assistant

Current: Graduate Student in Chemistry at Stoney Brook University 

Former College of Wooster Research Assistants: 

Derek Schwarz, BCMB '18

Thesis: "Help! Help! I am Being Repressed!: An In-Depth Analysis of the IclR and its In-Vitro Oligimerization

Trang Trinh, BCMB '18 

Thesis: "Phenotypic Analysis of a Novel LncRNA (Na2) Expression on Arabidopsis thaliana Salinity Stress Response"

Current: HR Coordinator at Hakluyt & Co (MS HR Management '22, New York University)

Justin Warner, NEUR '18

Research Assistant in Molecular Biology

Current: Interim Senior Pastor and Head of Staff, First Presbyterian Church, Rutherford, NJ (MDiv & MA '22 Princeton Theological Seminary)

Peter Arts, BCMB '17

Thesis: "Real-Time PCR Analysis of a Salt Stress Responsive LncRNA in Arabidopsis under Salt Stress Conditions"

Current: Graduate Student in Environmental Engineering at University of Michigan

Allyson Caselberry,  BCMB '17

Thesis: "Determining the effects of polyadenylation on long noncoding RNA expression and stability in response to stress"

Current: Dentist (DMD '21, College of Dentistry, University of Illinois at Chicago)

Mara Kingscott, BCMB '17

Thesis: "The Effect of a His Tag in Ic1R Interactions with DNA and Ligands in Escherichia coli"

Current: Volunteer Coordinator, Jackson Hole Therapeutic Riding

Kelsey (Coyne) Winkeler, BIOL '17

Thesis: ​"Circadian Rhythm Gating of Salinity Stress-Induced Transcription Factor Expression in Solanum Lycopersicum, and Implication in Sustainable Agriculture"

Current: PhD student, Clinical Psychology, Chiu & King-Casas lab, Virginia Tech

Tsun Ki Jerrick To, PhD, BCMB '17

Research Assistant in plant biology and molecular genetics

Current: Consultant at Boston Consulting Group (PhD Pharmacology '22, University of Pennsylvania)

Michael Andes, BCMB '16

Thesis: "Differential Expression of a Novel 1ncRNA (Na2) Aids in Arabidopsis thaliana Survival Under High Salinity Stess"

Current: Dentist (DDS '20, The College of Dentistry, The Ohio State University)

Ellyn Evans, BCMB '16

Thesis: "Characterization of Long Non-Coding RNA Expression During Low Temperature Stress in Arabidopsis thaliana: Exploring the Implications of Targeting 1ncRNA for Improved Plant Growth"

Current: Visiting Assistant Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, College of Wooster (PhD Molecular Biology and Genetics '22, Case Western University)

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