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August 2022: Dr. MD presented at the Biennial Conference on Chemical Education (BCCE) at Purdue University!

April 2022: Betel Erkalo, Jesus Gonzales-Torres, and George Bershtein presented their research at the Made in Millersville Conference.  Stop by the Inspired by Enzymes exhibit to see enzyme-inspired art from Biochemistry 1.

April 2022: Dr. MD presents at 2022 ASBMB Meeting in Philadelphia 

March 2022: Betel Erkalo presented a poster about her research at the 2022 ACS National Meeting in San Diego!

March 2022: Congrats to Emma Witmer for being awarded a Student Grant for Research and Creative Activity!

January 2022: Jeromy Gregory-D'amico joins the lab!

January 2022: Dr MD presented at the 2022 PASSHE Virtual Conference on Teaching and Learning.

November 2021: Betel Erkalo presented her poster at the 2021 PASSHE Student Research Conference in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics at Kutztown University.

October 2021: Congrats to George Bershstein, Betel Erkalo, and Jesus Gonzalez-Torres for being awarded MU Student Grants for Research and Creative Activity!

September 2021: George Bershstein (Chemistry '23) and Jesus Gonzalez-Torres (Chemistry '23) join the lab!

June 2021: Betel Erkalo and Emma Witmer join the lab and start summer research!

May 2021: Congratulations Graduates Melisa Cejudo Montes de Oca and Madelynn Guinane!

April 2021: Congrats to Betel Erkalo for her selection for the Murley SURF to fund summer research in the lab! 

April 2021: Dr MD is awarded a Faculty Grant for her presentations at the National ACS and ASBMB Conferences!

April 2021: Dr MD presented a poster Exploring nucleic acid structure-function relationships in remote biochemistry laboratory at the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) National Conference in the BMB Educaiton and Professional Development session with Salisbury University researchers Dr. Joshua Sokoloski, Sanjana Nallagatla, and Brandon Tanaglia.

April 2021: Dr MD is presenting her poster Writing Children's Books as a tool for increasing student engagement in a non-major introductory chemistry course at the National Virtual ACS Conference this month in the Chemical Education (CHED) division.

November 2020: Congrats to Alyssa Coutts and Taylor Hoefner for being awarded MU Student Grants for Research and Creative Activity!

August 2020: Alyssa Coutts, Madelynn Guinane, Connor Healey, and Taylor Hoefner join the lab!

May 2020: Congratulations Graduates: Natalie Barco, Rob Fisher, Maitri Patel, and Thomas Przywara!

January 2020: Melisa Cejudo-Montes de Oca (Chemistry '20) joins the lab!

October 2019: Lab Alumni Kelsey Coyne's paper has been published in Plant Biotechnology.  Congrats Kelsey! 


Coyne, K.; Mullen Davis, M.A.; Mizoguchi, T.; Hayama, R. Temporal restriction of salt inducibility in expression of salinity-stress related gene by the circadian clock in Solanum lycopersicum. Plant Biotechnology 2019, 36 (3): 195-200.

September 2019: Natalie Barco (Chemistry '20) and Maitri Patel (Chemistry '20) join the lab!

July 2019: Dr Mullen Davis starts her term as Chair of the National Graduate Women in Science Board of Directors.  See for more information.

May 2019: Dr. Mullen Davis received a PASSHE Faculty Professional Development Council Grant for the project "Regulation of the Glyoxylate Pathway by IclR Multimerization"

April 2019: Thomas Przywara and Robert Fisher presented posters about their research at the Made in Millersville Conference.  Also presenting were students from Dr Mullen Davis'  Fall 2018 Chem 101 class who displayed Chemistry-themed Children's books.

March 2019: Robert Fisher was awarded a Millersville University Neimeyer-Hodgson Award for his project "The binding characteristics of IclR transcription factor"

Nov 2018: Thomas Przywara awarded a MU Student Grant for Research and Creative Activity 

Sept 2018: Thomas Przywara (Chemistry '20) and Robert Fisher (Biology '20) joined the lab. They will study different aspects of the IclR transcription factor.

Aug 2018: Dr Mullen Davis joins the Millersville University Chemistry Department!

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